Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

stone wall cracks fixed

Here we explain the most common problems found with most stone foundations when it comes to moisture…

  • External Deterioration
  • Internal Deterioration
  • Window Wells
  • Cracked Concrete Floors and floor drains


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External / Internal Deterioration

Plain and simple, stone foundations are the worst leaking type of foundation next to block walls once they have started to leak.  Reason being, they are old and in most cases do not have a proper drainage system installed along the outer perimeter (weeping tile.)  Stone foundations were built before there were codes in place that said each homes foundation shall have a drainage system (weeping tile) set in place.  And without a drainage system in place the water has a tendency to sit against the wall for a longer period of time allowing it to break down the mortar that holds everything in place.

So once a stone wall starts to leak it is usually because the water has eroded the mortar away from the outside of the wall allowing it to penetrate deeper and deeper into the wall until it breaks thru to the inside.  Once there it will show up as a dark damp spot on the wall which will eventually turn into a pile of silt on your floor with a puddle of water surrounding it.

Window Wells

Window Wells are prone to leaking for a variety of reasons and usually with the same result – water flowing thru or under your window and down your wall like a waterfall. Window wells, especially when installed below grade must be drained. Without drainage your window well could fill up with water.  Since windows are designed to shed water and are not water proof it’s important to have proper drainage.

Top 3 reasons for window wells overflowing are:

  • The well is filled with soil rather than with gravel and has become too dense (compacted) to drain properly
  • There is no drain tile in the well connected to the weeping system promoting quick drainage to the weeping system
  • Drain tile is blocked and no longer working

Cracked Floors

Cracked Concrete Floors and floor drains can also be an area that allows moisture to come into your basement.  If your home is situated where water veins run rampant or where the water table is higher than normal you may experience leakage.  These types of situations can be tricky to fix and would require a site visit to determine the proper fix as there are more than one that could be valid.  In order to determine the proper fix I would suggest we come and visit with you to investigate your unique situation.  Click here or call us at 289-880-7988 to book an appointment.

Perhaps you have a dirt floor at the moment and are wondering if it is attributing to the dampness or smell in your basement.  There is a good chance that it is the best way to get rid of that is to pour a concrete floor with a built in vapor barrier to eliminate any moisture or smell.  Click here or call 289-880-7988 to book an appointment where we can discuss in detail how this can transform your basement into perfectly good living space!

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