Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

Stone wall before

Here you’ll find permanent ways to repair damage to stone foundations.

Stone Wall Restoration & Repair

Leaking stone walls should be addressed from the outside as that is where the resulting damage stems from.  Knowing the age of a typical stone foundation we can tell you that there will not be any weeping tile installed at the base of the wall because back then weeping tile had not been used.  Because of this situation the foundation really needs to be repaired and sealed properly on the outside to prevent any further damage.

  • If your stone foundation walls are allowing a minor amount of water to pass thru and small pools are forming on the floor below then the mortar has likely started to break down along the outside wall.  This situation would have developed most likely by a downspout draining in the area, perhaps a broken drain pipe below ground, the grading sloping towards the foundation rather than away.  Of course there are other possibilities but we know if the problem on the outside is addressed we can likely fix the situation with a partial external restoration of the area along with an exterior waterproofing system.


  • If there is a noticeable amount of water flowing out of the stone foundation wall, there are large gaps between the stones when looking at it from the inside, and there is a build up of silt on the floor directly below the affected area, we are certain this type of problem will need to be addressed from both the inside and the outside.  If we don’t address it from the outside the stones will eventually erode inwards causing the foundation to become structurally unsound.

See the picture below – If you can insert your tape measure several inches between the stones in your foundation, your foundation wall needs to be fixed from the outside AND from the inside to ensure both leakage and structural integrity are taken care of. The damaged stone wall shown below would flood the basement during heavy rainfalls, which allowed mold to run rampant in the basement!
stone wall cracks fixed in Hamilton and Burlington

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Window Wells

window wells in Milton

Pictorial of how a window well should be drained

To properly fix a window well drainage problem we offer the following procedure.

  1. Excavation is performed from the window well right down to the weeping tile.
  2. While there is recommended that a weeping tile test is performed to ensure that it is draining as it wouldn’t make sense to connect a window well drain pipe down to a weeping tile drain that does not work.
  3. A 4″ drain pipe is installed to approximately 4″ below the height of the window sill.
  4. Window well is fastened to the wall with concrete screws (if required)
  5. Excavation is backfilled with native soil
  6. Gravel is poured inside the window well to facilitate drainage into the newly installed drain pipe. Option: backfill the entire excavation with 3/4″ clear gravel – this will guarantee that any water that enters the window well area will drain quickly to the weeping tile system.

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